What Are Factories?

A Factory is a mechanism in Codenvy to clone entire workspaces and represent the cloning function as a URL that can be given to other users. A Factory URL contains a set of instructions for Codenvy to create a workspace, load a project, and configure the IDE so that the resulting interface is readied for a full code, build, test, and deploy workflow.

Try a Factory now! Just click to instantly start coding:

A Factory should be thought of as a type of clone operation with a set of post-clone execution instructions. A Factory is not a workspace itself, so it’s not possible to invite users into a Factory. But after a Factory is clicked, Codenvy creates a temporary workspace where the user will operate. And that workspace can be shared by multiple developers. Factories are easy to create, and we provide a URL specification that allows 3rd parties to create Factories, or they can be created off of existing projects from within Codenvy at Share > Factory URL.