Roles and Metrics

The purpose of this page is to achieve a few goals:

Data range and type pulled from analytics server depends on a user role. This essentially means that users assigned with different roles in the system have access to data different in scope:

  • system/admin – system wide info. System/admins can get virtually any organizations and workspaces metrics
  • organization/owner; organization/member- users with these roles are limited to organization scope data, i.e. activity in their particular organizations and organization workspaces
  • workspace/admin; workspace/developer – workspace scope. This is the lowest level in hierarchy. Workspace admin can get only info related to workspace activity, including guest session. Workspace developers granted rights in other people’s workspaces can also get information on activity in those environments

In simple words, a workspace/admin cannot get information on activity of another workspace (unless he has a developer role in it), while organization/owner (in case this workspace is a part of organization) and system/admin have access to this information.