Metric Types & Sessions


A user session is calculated as the amount of time a browser tab with an active workspace has been in focus (active). To improve data accuracy we have introduced the notion of MicroSession. If a tab has been active for some time, a user then switched to another browser tab and returned to a workspace tab within 10 minutes, the time when workspace tab wasn’t in focus is added to an overall session time.

If the interval between tabs switching exceeds 10 min, a new session is calculated once a workspace tab becomes in focus again.

Sessions are chronologically ordered. Session view contains session id, user, workspace name, start and end time, duration.
Session events view provides info on start and end time, event details and time for each micro session as well as cumulative session time.


User analytics system provides various metrics related to all sorts of activities in a workspace:

  • Active Projects
  • Number of Builds
  • Number of Debugs
  • Number of Deploys
  • Number of Factories
  • Number of Users
  • Number of Sessions


For the majority of users there will have just one entry with a registration email, user details, number of projects and sessions, as well as usage time.


This list includes both workspaces where a user is an admin and developer (i.e. invited to other workspaces). Clicking on a workspace link will take you to workspace summary page with analytics on major events, like


Reports summarize user activity data for a particular period of time:

  • Workspaces
  • Active Workspaces
  • User Accounts
  • Active Users
  • Sessions
  • Usage Minutes
  • Builds
  • Factories Registered
  • Invitations Sent


Depending on a chosen info type, it is possible to filter search results.

  • Users can be filtered by email, first name, last name, company
  • Workspaces can be filtered by workspace name
  • Sessions search can be narrowed down by user and worskpace filters
  • Reports are filtered by email, company and domain, as well as day, week, month and lifetime