Using Joomla with Codenvy

Joomla is a popular CMS both among professional webmasters and web developers and amateur site owners due to its user friendly admin dashboard and ample customization capabilities. It is possible to install Joomla right from your Codenvy account and create a site, temporarily accessible on Codenvy runners.

Clone official Joomla repository from GitHub

Run the application

After you successfully clone the repository, set its type as PHP and one the project. You can configure connection to MySQL database right away, in /installation/model/configuration.php file:

/* Database Settings */
		$registry->set('dbtype', $options->db_type);
		$registry->set('host', $options->db_host);
		$registry->set('user', $options->db_user);
		$registry->set('password', $options->db_pass);
		$registry->set('db', $options->db_name);
		$registry->set('dbprefix', $options->db_prefix);

If you connect to MySQL database this way, the next step isn’t necessary.

Connect to a Remote MySQL Database

Having configured Joomla site, it’s time to connect to a remote MySQL database. There’s isn’t much information required – database type (MySQL), database name, user name and password. Make sure your MySQL database allows direct access (consult your hosting or database provider if necessary).

Create a Site and Enter Admin Credentials

Once database settings are configured, you can review site settings and finally access your site and its admin dashboard.

Watch this short tutorial on installing and running Joomla site in Codenvy: