Using Java BB with Codenvy

This tutorial explains about how to install JavaBB to a Webserver and the changes need to be done for javabb Source code.

JavaBB is an opensource designed to create forums/bulliten boards and it is purly developed in java.

The supported features of JavaBB are as follows

  • Flood Control
  • Watch Topic
  • Config file for custom changes
  • Complete layout changes thru css-theme files
  • Languages files and buttons file, based on phpBB
  • Forum category
  • Links to other urls
  • Sticky posts and announcements
  • Bbcode
  • Locked threads
  • IP logging system
  • Paginsystem
  • Memberregistration and editing
  • MemberList
  • Private message system
  • Adminsystem
  • Badwordfilter

Installation instructions:

Download Java BB Source

JavaBB source and the war file can be downloaded in the below link.

After downloading the,unzip the file to extract the javabb.war file. You need to do some changes in the war file to make it work.these changes are as follows.

Database Settings

Need to create the database Schema for running the JavaBB.the SQL Information available in the extracted zip file. Goto>> database folder here you can get the sql file compatable with MySql Database
Make use of winrar or 7zip tool to make the changes to the javabb.war the war file with any of these tools.
Goto>>WEB-INF>> and update the below properties


Add Properties

A user can add more properties in this file which are related to Hibernate. Sample properties


The above two properties can help in debugging the application.

You can also make use of postgres and HSQL Database instead of MySql for JavaBB Database.
SQL schema details are given in the downloaded zip file.
Goto >> /WEB-INF/classes/ and change the below property

webwork.multipart.saveDir =

You should give full permissions to the above directory.
Goto>> /WEB-INF/web.xml and open it in a notepad and change the below entry





Deploy Application

Now you can deploy the application to any of your favorite WEB Server.
After deploying you will get one rss feed issue that you can control by changing it in the source code.
Try to access the deployed Application by using the below url


Now you can see the javabb login page. Make sure you reguster and try to access the forum.