Using GitHub with Codenvy

SSH Key Configuration

To use SSH protocol when cloning repositories, pushing or pulling from GitHub, make sure you have your SSH key configured in Codenvy and uploaded in GitHub:

  • go to Window > Preferences > SSH Keys
  • find a GitHub logo in the bottom of a window and click it
  • SSH key will be automatically generated and uploaded to your GitHub account (you’ll be asked to authorize Codenvy access your GitHub account)

Clone from GitHub

The easiest way to migrate your projects to Codenvy is to clone a GitHub repository with the project’s source code:

  • go to Git > Clone Repository (or click Import From GitHub on the Welcome Screen)
  • copy and paste the repository Git URL
  • modify project’s name, if appropriate, and click Clone

Push to GitHub

To push to GitHub, you first need to add a remote repository in Codenvy at Git> Remotes > Add. Enter the repository name and its SSH Git URL which should look like

Having added a remote repository, you can push to GitHub at Git > Remote > Push. The repository you have just added should appear in the list of remote repos.