Shell Console

General Commands

jobsList out the background jobs
killCancels the job
lsList information about the files and folders
mkdirCreate new folder
mvn clean packageStart project build
pwdPrint current folder path
rmRemove file or folder

Configure GAE Applications

appcfg backend configureConfigure the specified backend
appcfg backend delete Delete the specified backend
appcfg backend rollback Roll back a previously in-progress update
appcfg backend set_state Set start/stop state of the specified backend
appcfg backend updateUpdate the specified backend
appcfg backends List all backends
appcfg backends rollbackRoll back all in-progress update
appcfg backends update Update all backends
appcfg cron_info Displays times for the next several runs of each cron job
appcfg request_logsWrite request logs in Apache common log format
appcfg resource_limits_infoDisplay resource limits
appcfg rollbackRollback to previous app version
appcfg updateCreate or update an app version
appcfg update_cronUpdate application cron jobs
appcfg update_dosUpdate application DoS protection configuration
appcfg update_indexesUpdate application indexes
appcfg update_queuesUpdate application task queue definitions
appcfg vacuum_indexesDelete unused indexes from application

Configure Cloud Foundry Applications

vmc appsList deployed applications on Cloud Foundry
vmc deleteDelete the Cloud Foundry application
vmc infoCloud Foundry system and account information
vmc loginLogin to Cloud Foundry
vmc restartRestart Cloud Foundry application
vmc set-targetSet a new target
vmc startStart the Cloud Foundry application
vmc statsDisplay resource usage for Cloud Foundry application
vmc stopStop Cloud Foundry application
vmc targetReports current target
vmc targetsList known targets and associated authorization tokens