Run Android Applications

You can run and test your Android applications by running them from Codenvy through a web-based emulator. This web-based emulator is provided by ManyMo, and you need to create your free account there (See: Create Account at

To simplify running and testing of Android applications on temporary workspaces, one does not need a valid ManyMo account. So, you can run and test Android apps created from a Factory just in a few seconds. An application URL will show up in the Output console after the app has been started.

Create Account at

Register with Manymo to be able to launch Android emulators.

Use of Authorization Token

Go to your Manymo account > Client Applications and copy authorization token that you will need to run your app from Codenvy:

Run From Codenvy

Once you created your account on ManyMo and copied your authorization token, you are ready to run the Android application.

There are basically two ways to run an Android app:

  • choose Manymo as PaaS when creating a project from scratch
  • go to Run > Run Application after the project has been created:
  • run
    Either way, running Android app in Codenvy will start a default Android emulator on An application URL will show up in the Output console:

    Click on the link in the Output console to see a live app on ManyMo web-based emulator:

    Switch Between Landscape and Portrait Screen Orientation in ManyMo

    You can change display view mode from portrait to landscape and vice versa with Ctrl+F11 hotkey combination directly in the runtime.