Tier 3 Web Fabric

Currently, Tier 3 Web Fabric PaaS isn’t supported

Deploying a New Application Tier 3 Web Fabric

Tier 3 Web Fabric is a supported PaaS for Java and Ruby applications. To deploy a new application to Tier 3 Web Fabric:

  • create a new project from scratch or open an existing project
  • go to PaaS > Tier 3 Web Fabric > Switch account and enter your credentials as well as API target (if you create a new project from scratch you will be prompted to enter your Tier 3 credentials before creating a new app)
  • go to PaaS > Tier 3 Web Fabric > Create Application, enter the app name, a custom URL if necessary, select number of instances and press Create Button.

The deploy process will start, and you will eventually see a confirmation message in the Output tab, something like this:

[INFO] Project successfully built.
[INFO] Application creation failed.
[INFO] Logged in Tier3 Web Fabric successfully.
[INFO] Application mynewproject successfully created.
Application mynewproject successfully started on http://mynewproject.seroterdemo.wa1.wfabric.com

Updating an Existing Tier 3 Web Fabric Application

You can update applications deployed to Tier 3 Web Fabric right from your Codenvy domain.

  • open an app/project you want to update on Tier 3 Web Fabric
  • go to Project > PaaS > Tier 3 Web Fabric


You can update the app, map its URL, change the number of instances, stop, start or restart the app, as well as add services and view logs.

Managing Tier 3 Web Fabric Applications

You can manage your Tier 3 Web Fabric apps at PaaS > Tier 3 Web Fabric > Applications to start, stop, restart or delete them.


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