Create/Change Namespace

If you have just registered your OpenShift account, you’ll need to register a namespace. You can do it from within your OpenShift account or directly from your Codenvy domain.

To create a namespace/domain in Codenvy go to PaaS > OpenShift > Change Namespace. A new namespace will be created. If you already have a namespace, you can change it using the same command. However, before changing your existing namespace, all apps in this namespace should be deleted.

Deploying a New Application OpenShift

You can create and deploy Java web applications, Python, PHP and Ruby on Rails apps to OpenShift PaaS.

  • Create a new project with a smart Create a New Project Wizard. For this tutorial we will use PHP.
  • If you deploy an app to OpenShift for the first time from Codenvy, you will be prompted to enter your OpenShift registration email and password (you can do it upfront at PaaS > OpenShift > Switch Account)
  • Enter the application name and choose its type

Two notification windows will show up one by one: creating an app and pulling it from OpenShift. Once the app is successfully deployed to OpenShift you will see a notification in the Output panel with the public and Git URLs of the app. Also, an SSH key is automatically updated on Openshift which means you can perform Git operations using SSH protocol. 

Below is a short video demonstrating how to create a simple Java web app, deploy it to OpenShift and update directly from Codenvy.

Another short video tutorial for a Python app

Updating an Existing OpenShift Application

You can update your OpenShift apps by changing files, adding them to index, committing changes and pushing these changes to OpenShift from Git menu.

  • Add file(s) to index at Git > Add files
  • Commit changes at Git > Commit
  • Update SSH public key at PaaS > OpenShift > Update SSH Public Key
  • Push changes to OpenShift from Git > Remote > Push

A series of messages will show up in the Output panel one by one. After changes are pushed you can see them in the app by re-visiting the application URL.

History of your commits is available in the History panel at Git > Show History.

Managing OpenShift Applications

To manage your OpenShift apps, go to PaaS > OpenShift > Applications


You will find a list of your applications and some details such as applications names, types, public and Git URL etc. If you want to delete an app, choose it from the list and click Delete.

Adding and Managing OpenShift Cartridges

With Codenvy, it is possible to add cartridges to existing OpeShift applications. To add OpenShift cartridges:

  • go to PaaS > Openshift > Applications
  • choose an application hosted in your OpenShift account and press Add Cartridge
  • choose a cartridge type to finish this procedure

After the cartridge is added, you can manage it – start, stop, restart, reload or delete. It is possible to add several cartridges to one OpenShift application.

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