Deploying a New Application Heroku

Codenvy makes it easy to deploy Ruby on Rails apps to Heroku PaaS. The workaround is really simple:

  • Create a new Ruby on Rails project from scratch, choose Heroku PaaS, and select a template (if you have already a Ruby on Rails project but haven’t deployed it yet, open the project and go to PaaS > Heroku > Create Application)
  • When prompted, enter your Heroku credentials or do it uprfont at PaaS > Heroku > Switch Account
  • Enter app names (optional) and click Finish

Once done, you will see a message in the Output panel containing Git and public URL of the app.

Please, have a look at how easily you can create, deploy and update a simple application on Heroku

Updating an Existing Heroku Application

You need to use Git to update existing Heroku applications. Below is a simple example how to change the app and push these changes to Heroku.

  • edit project files
  • save the project
  • add files to index (Git > Add files)
  • commit changes (Git > Commit)
  • deploy a public key at Heroku > Deploy Public key
  • push changes to Heroku (Git > Remote > Push)

A few confirmation messages appear in Output panel. Information on commits is available from the History panel (Git >Show History).


Managing Heroku Applications

To manage your Heroku applications, go to PaaS > Heroku > Applications.

You can rename, delete and import applications, as well as view info on your apps and change environment.


It’s also possible to manage a Heroku application you are currently working with at Project > PaaS > Heroku. View logs, change the app name or delete the application if you want. You can also execute Rake commands.


Import Existing Heroku Application

If you have running apps on Heroku which you want to import to Codenvy, log in to your Heroku account at PaaS > Heroku > Switch Account and then PaaS> Heroku> Applications.

You will see the list of your Heroku apps and an Import button opposite each application.


Once you press this button you can change a project’s name in as it is saved in Codenvy. Deploy public key box should remain checked. The alternative way to import a Heroku application is to clone it using its Git url.

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