Create CloudBees Account

If you do not have an account with CloudBees, you can create one without leaving your Codenvy workspace.

  • go to PaaS > CloudBees > Create Account
  • check Create new user box and fill in all the required information


If the registration is successful, you will see a confirmation in the Output panel. Your CloudBees account is set up and ready to use.

(info) Please, use a password containing 8+ characters and try to make your domain name unique to avoid unnecessary errors during the registration.

Deploying a New Application CloudBees

Currently, Codenvy supports deployment of Java web applications to CloudBees PaaS. To create an app and deploy it to CloudBees directly from Codenvy, follow this simple workaround:

  • create a new project, choose Java Web Application and CloudBees as PaaS (or go to PaaS > CloudBees > Create Application if you have already created one but not yet deployed)
  • choose a template and decide if you need to use JRebel
  • login to your CloudBees account (it is required at your first login, and for further deployments Codenvy will remember your CloudBees credentials)
  • enter your application name and click Finish to proceed


You will see a notification window, and it will take a while for the app to be created and deployed to CloudBees. Once the app is successfully deployed, you will see a message in the Output panel with the application URL on CloudBees.


Updating an Existing CloudBees Application

To update an existing CloudBees application you need to:

  • make some changes to the code
  • save the file(s) 
  • add this file to index (Git > Add)
  • commit changes (Git > Commit)
  • once changes are successfully committed, go to Project > PaaS > CloudBees
  • click Update button


  • comment on the update, if necessary

You will eventually see a notification in the Output panel on a successful update of your CloudBees application.

Managing CloudBees Applications

To manage your CloudBees applications, go to PaaS > CloudBees > Applications where you can delete the app or view its info.


Click Info button to view information on the app, its ID, title, status, URL etc.


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