Cloud Foundry

Currently, Cloud Foundry PaaS is unavailable due to a transition to a new version

Deploying a New Application Cloud Foundry

You can deploy Java web applications, Java Spring and Ruby on Rails apps to Cloud Foundry PaaS directly from Codenvy. To create and deploy an app to Cloud Foundry you need to:

  • create a new project from the welcome screen or at Project> New> Create Project (if you want to deploy an existing project, open it and go to PaaS > CloudFoundry > Create Application)
  • login to your CloudFoundry account (it’s required only on your first deployment to Cloud Foundry)
  • enter application name and click Finish

Once the app is created you will see a notification in the Output panel with the application URL which you can visit.

Here’s a short video demonstrating the ease of creating a simple Spring app in Codenvy, as well as deploying and updating the app at Cloud Foundry.

Updating an Existing Cloud Foundry Application

Updating of Cloud Foundry applications is easy and does not require any Git operations, like OpenShift or CloudBees, for example:

  • edit files of your project
  • save the project
  • go to Project > PaaS > Cloud Foundry
  • click Update button

You will then see a notification it the Output panel. Re-visit the app on Cloud Foundry to check out changes.

Managing Cloud Foundry Applications

To manage your Cloud Foundry applications, go to PaaS > Cloud Foundry > Applications. You can start, stop, restart and delete your Cloud Foundry apps right from Codenvy.


You can also configure the application you are currently working with by going to Project > PaaS > Cloud Foundry


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