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Deploying to Amazon Elastic Beanstalk

You can deploy your apps to Elastic Beanstalk directly from Codenvy.

AWS Elastic Beanstalk is supported for Java Web applications and Java Spring apps. If you have already created a project, go to PaaS > Elastic Beanstalk to deploy it to AWS. If you create a new project from scratch, you can choose AWS PaaS from the Project Creation wizard (see our Getting Started tips).

  • On your first connection, you’ll need to enter your Access Key and Secret Key. You have to purchase these keys at AWS Elastic Beanstalk to be able to deploy and manage your apps at this PaaS. Codenvy uses https protocol which means SSL/TLS security capabilities are added to conventional http communications.
  • Enter application name, description, S3 bucket and key:


  •  Choose the solution stack and enter an environment name and description.


The project building and app creation will take a bit longer as compared to other PaaS, usually around 6-7 minutes.

Also, the output panel will display logs information from the Amazon virtual machine. In the end, you will be provided with the URL of your app on Elastic Beanstalk.


Below is a short video showing how to create a new Java web application and deploying it to AWS Elastic Beanstalk directly from Codenvy.

Managing and Updating AEB Applications

After having deployed an application to AWS, you can easily update and manage its properties. In the example, we edit a Java web application and update it on AEB.

  • edit and save the project
  • go to PaaS > Elastic Beanstalk > Manage Application
  • create new version.


  • enter some new info regarding the application being updated.
  • a new version is created and ready to be deployed (click Deploy).


  • choose between new or existing environment.

Once the update is finished you will see a notification in the Output panel:


Changes are now visible in the app on

You can also configure environments for your AWS apps, i.e. edit, restart, rebuild or terminate them.


EC2 Console

From EC2 console you can terminate, reboot, start and stop applications deployed to Elastic Beanstalk. Go to PaaS > Elastic Beanstalk > EC2 Management


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S3 Console

S3 management console makes it possible to add and delete buckets, as well as upload objects/projects to Amazon, or download them right from your Codenvy account.


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