Using ProjectLocker with Codenvy

ProjectLocker offers private Git hosting, bug tracking and a number of other cloud based services. If you have Git repositories in ProjectLocker, you can clone them to your Codenvy account, as well as push changes, pull and fetch.

Configure SSH Keys

First off, it is necessary to configure SSH keys:

  • go to Window > Preferences > SSH Keys and press Generate Key button. Enter hostname as:

(no www or https!) and click OK

  • the key will appear in the list of SSH keys. Click View and copy the key to clipboard. Make sure you’ve selected and copied the entire key text
  • go to your ProjectLocker profile and press Git public keys
  • add a new key

Clone From ProjectLocker

The easiest way to migrate your projects to Codenvy is to clone ProjectLocker repository with the project’s source code:

  • go to File > Import Project > Import From Location
  • copy and paste the repository Git URL
  • modify project’s name, if appropriate, and click Import

Push to ProjectLocker

To push to ProjectLocker, you first need to add a remote repository in Codenvy at Git> Remotes > Add (unless it is already there after cloning). Enter the repository name and its SSH Git URL which should look like:

Having added a remote repository, you can push to ProjectLocker at Git > Remote > Push. The repository you have just added should appear in the list of remote repositories. For more info see Remote Repositories.