Using Assembla with Codenvy

SSH Key Configuration supports Git which means it is possible to clone, push, fetch and pull repositories. First off, it is necessary to configure SSH keys:

  • go to Window > Preferences > SSH Keys and press Generate Key button. Enter hostname as:

(no www or https!) and click OK

  • the key will appear in the list of SSH keys. Click View and copy the key to clipboard. Make sure you’ve selected and copied the entire key text
  • go to your Assembla profile and find Manage SSH keys menu on the left
  • add a new key

Clone From Assembla

The easiest way to migrate your projects to Codenvy is to clone Assembla repository with the project’s source code:

  • go to File > Import Project > Import From Location
  • copy and paste the repository Git URL
  • modify project’s name, if appropriate, and click Import

Push to Assembla

To push to Assembla, you first need to add a remote repository in Codenvy at Git> Remotes > Add (unless it is already there after cloning). Enter the repository name and its SSH Git URL which should look like:

Having added a remote repository, you can push to Assembla at Git > Remote > Push. The repository you have just added should appear in the list of remote repositories. For more info see Remote Repositories.