How to Debug a Java Application

Codenvy provides an environment for running and debugging apps in the cloud which reproduces your debugging experience with a conventional desktop IDE. When the debugger is launched, the app runs on the server.

Here is an overview of the Debugger features:

  • go to Run menu and click on Debug Application.

Once the Debugger is successfully launched, you will see a message in the Output tab. A random temporary URL is generated, letting you access your app and see changes as you debug it. A Debugger window with two tabs (Breakpoints and Variables) will open (both tabs are empty from the start until you set a breakpoint and interact with the app)

  • Open a Java class file and set a breakpoint


You can set conditions for the breakpoints at Run > Breakpoint properties or use a context menu in the Breakpoints tab (right mouse click) to set the conditions under which a breakpoint stops the app.

  • Click the application URL and run the app to trigger the first breakpoint. Go back to the Debugger to inspect variables.


Below are Debugger the buttons which have the same effect as on a desktop IDE.


Note that the default debug session timeout is 10 minutes. 2 mins before the session timeout you will see the warning that the app will be stopped, so you can extend the debugging session for another 10 minutes.

Once the debugging session is over you will see a warning message  in the Output panel.

The best way to understand the power of debugging apps in the cloud is to watch debugging in action. Here’s a short video: