Getting Started

Registration and Login

There are several registration options available in Codenvy:

  • The fastest and the easiest way is to register using your Google or GitHub account. Click Sign in with Google or GitHub and follow the registration process. Your Codenvy workspace name will be identical to your Google or GitHub ID. Note that you will need a verified email associated with your GitHub account.
  • If you do not have accounts with Gmail or GitHub or just want to choose a domain name by yourself, enter your email and the desired domain name, and press Go.


To get more information on common registration issues, please visit our FAQ page.

Getting Started Using Codenvy Factories

You can find Codenvy Factory buttons at his site, С or anywhere on the net. If you click on a Factory button, we will create a temporary workspace for you with the project of your choice. After a fruitful coding session in a temporary workspace you can create a permanent account with Codenvy by pressing create_account button in the top right corner of a temporary workspace.

Create a Project from Scratch

Once logged in to Codenvy, the Welcome Screen and Get Started Wizard will help you make your first steps. If this is your first visit to Codenvy and you do not have any created projects, you will see the below window. Creation of a new project will barely take 1-2 minutes, and the wizard will guide your through each step (entering project name, choosing a technology and PaaS).


You can also create a new project from the Welcome Screen - Create a New Project From Scratch



A Smart Wizard will guide you through the process of creating your project. You need to choose a Technology and the supported PaaS in case you want to deploy your application. Each technology is tied up with the supported PaaS, thus, making your choice error-free.

  • To complete a project creation procedure, choose a Template (there are several templates to choose from, depending on the chosen technology and PaaS).


The next stages depend on whether or not you want to deploy your application to PaaS right way, and what PaaS you have chosen.

Please, have a quick look at the video demonstrating a new user friendly Create a Project Wizard.

Import GitHub Projects

Importing a project from GitHub will create a new project and by clone the content of a GitHub repository. You will find a GitHub import option on the Welcome Screen


  • Click OK to go to a GitHub authorization page.
  • authorize the app


  • Choose the repository you want to import (check Git Read-Only if necessary) and click Finish


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