Tracked Factories

Codenvy offers a premium subscription called Tracked Factories to enable sales, marketing, training and support scenarios by apply policies to impose branding, control and privacy. All of the parameters used with Tracked Factories require a valid orgid parameter. Tracked Factories include:

  • using a custom icon, title and welcome message in the Welcome pane that appears on the right of the IDE after load
  • setting up windows of valid times where the Factory can operate and be disabled for other times
  • tracking aggregate activity across all users of Factories with the same orgid
  • restricting access to Factories by requiring users to enter a password or refer from a valid hostname

Most Tracked Factory parameters can only be used with encoded Factories. See: Factory Parameter Reference

Customizing Factory Welcome Pane

The Welcome Pane is the window on the right of the IDE that appears after the session has completed loading. This Welcome Pane can be modified by inserting JSON parameters into the Factory and also configuring some HTML snippets. You can provide two different Welcome Panes. If we detect that a user is authenticated against a Codenvy system, then you can provide a message tailored to people whose identity is known, such as “Welcome Back!”. And if people are anonymously accessing the Factory, then a different message can be provided. The “title” text is what appears in the pane’s title bar. The “iconurl” is the image that appears in the Welcome Pane’s title bar on the left. And the “contenturl” is the body of pane. There may be issues with loading resources via http into https. The browser may block attempts to load non-HTTPS resources:

"welcome": {
"authenticated": {
"title": "Greeting title for authenticated users",
"iconurl": "",
"contenturl": ""
"nonauthenticated": {
"title": "Greeting title for nonauthenticated users",
"iconurl": "",
"contenturl": ""

This is an example:


Click to see a larger image

Codenvy provides two templates for the “contenturl” which Tracked Factory customers can use: