Encoded Factories

Encoded Factory

An encoded Factory is shorter and encoded with an ID that only Codenvy can interpret. We associate that ID to a set of stored parameters that instruct Codenvy on how the workspace should be configured in the temporary workspace. An encoded Factory can support all of the same parameters that are supported in a non-encoded Factory, and also has additional policy-based parameters that give Codenvy additional instructions on how the Factory and resulting temporary workspace should be managed. Factory Policies are advanced parameters available to developers, ISVs, and affiliates to apply fine grained controls to the system itself.

Encoded URL Specification

Encoded Factories are associated with IDs in our database. Encoded Factory URL will have the below format:


where, XXXXXXX is a hash of the parameters used to configure the Factory. Codenvy provides a service to accept all of the Factory parameters, store them in a database, and then generate a shortened URL that is associated with that set. Encoded URLs can only be created from within Codenvy itself. Encoded URLs are shorter and also have a variety of parameters embedded into the encoding that give Codenvy advanced instructions on how to manage the Factory.

Factory Parameter Reference

Creating Encoded Factories Inside of Codenvy

You can get a project’s Factory URL at Share > Factory URL:

It will open the following popup where you can get you Factory URL:


When we generate the Factory URL, Codenvy ensures that all of your changes have been committed to your local cloned git repository. If our local cloned git repository has not been initialized, we will do it automatically. The Factory URL created will refer to the current version of the project, so it is possible to create different Factory URLs for different versions of the same git repository.