Create Android Applications

Use Android Template

Using a template is an easy way to create a simple Android application:

  • create a new project
  • choose Android from the list of available technologies
  • choose Manymo Android Emulator as PaaS (to automatically run the app once it’s created) or skip this step to postpone running of the app

Use Android Factory

A Factory will create a temporary workspace with an Android application and configured environment to build and run the app (via Manymo). Click the button to create a simple Android app:

Create Android Application With Google MBS

Google MBS is a package that provides an Android application client with client side classes and a cloud backend and includes a sample that offers:

  • a ready to use generic backend datastore for the majority Android applications
  • client side framework classes (no necessity to write own code to be able to access the backend)

The mobile backend starter sample provides a ready-to-deploy, general purpose cloud backend and an Android client providing general purpose client-side framework classes. The sample provides you with:

  • a generic, ready-to-use backend datastore for most Android client apps.
  • client side framework classes that free you from having to write your own code to access the backend

You can find more information on Google MBS at To start creating your Android applications with Google MBS solution, log into your Google Cloud Console and follow Getting Started instructions.