Read-Only Rights

If you are in someone else’s domain in a read only-mode, you will see readonly icon in the top right corner. This means you can:

  • view the copy the code
  • open and close projects/files
  • open files by path
  • download files or projects (as zip archives)
  • view file/project properties
  • enable/disable project/package explorer
  • hide line numbers and go to line in editor
  • open/close output and progress tabs
  • access Shell (only when logged in)

Viewing projects in a read-only mode is available both for users registered with Codenvy and those who do not have an account.

When trying to create a new project or import/clone a repository in a read only mode you will be prompted to:

  • Join Codenvy if you are not logged in when viewing a project
  • Switch workspace if you are logged in