Chat and Real-Time Collaboration

Collab editor is currently available for js, html, css, java, rb, php and py file types.

When two or more users (owner of the domain and invited developers) open the same file, a real time collaboration feature is automatically enabled. You will see the icon collaboration_icon in the top right corner blinking. Click on the icon to open a collaboration log and a real time text chat. Each user has a colored square which indicates the collaboration color, as well as a cursor in the editor with the identical color (see images below):



Files in a collaboration mode are saved automatically. Users are notified when someone opens or closes a collaborative file.

By default all collaborators and a domain owner are given identical rights. When a collaborator attempts to delete a file, he’s prompted to notify the user(s) currently viewing this file:


All collaborators will immediately receive a request to close the file. Once such a file is closed, a user who has initiated deletion of the file, is free to delete it.

Here’s a short video demonstrating real time collaboration in Codenvy.