Collaboration Overview

Codenvy offers multiple collaboration opportunities. These include isolated collaboration through Codenvy Factories, inviting developers to a workspace and granting them read-write rights (including real-time pair programming), and sharing projects in a read only mode.

Isolated Collaboration

Our Factories make it possible for two or more developers to create temporary workspaces off one Factory (source project) and share the results by pushing changes to a remote repository (for instance, to multiple branches). You can learn more about Factory use cases in our Factory docs.

Inviting Developers to a Workspace/Pair Programming

This option implies giving invited developers full read-write rights and access to the entire workspace and its projects. Real time pair programming is only possible if a workspace owner has invited another developer to his workspace as a collaborator. Developers collaborating real time can send each other Code Pointers. Read more: Inviting Developers to Your Workspace.

Read-Only Mode Sharing

This is a safe way to share your project with others without risking your workspace privacy and content of the project.  Read more about read only mode and restrictions.

Invite GitHub Collaborators

Having cloned a project from GitHub to Codenvy you will have an opportunity to invite GitHub collaborators to your workspace. This option becomes available just after cloning the repository (of course, in case this repository has collaborators).