How to Configure Your SSH Keys?

To be able to clone and push repositories using SSH protocol, you should establish a secure SSH connection to your Git service provider. To do so, please, first off, configure SSH key in Codenvy and save this key to your Git service provider account.

  • go to Window > Preferences > SSH Keys and press Generate Key button. Enter hostname (no www or https) and click OK (for instance, or
  • the key will appear in the list of SSH keys. Click View and copy the key to clipboard. Please, make sure you select and copy the entire key text
  • save this key to your account with the Git service provider you use (bitbucket, springloops, assembla etc).

In case of GitHub, the procedure of generating a key and uploading it to your GitHub account is automated. Go to  Window > Preferences > SSH Key and click on GitHub logo in the right bottom corner.