Code Management

Codenvy uses Git as a default version control system. If you are new to Git we’d recommend looking through Git docs first.

In Codenvy you can create local repositories and branches for an efficient and comprehensive version control for your projects, as well as work with remote repositories (push, pull, fetch etc).

Operations With Local Repositories


Initialize repositories, add files to index and commit, or revert changes if you need. All Git operations are available in Git menu in your workspace. More info more about Repository operations is available at this page.

Git Branches


Create and checkout to local and remote branches and merge them in a few clicks. More info about branches.

Interaction With Remote Repositories

Codenvy supports the majority of most popular Git hosting providers. You can view the complete list with links to Tutorials at this page.

SSH Key Management

Make sure you have configured your SSH keys before you proceed. Detailed instructions on how to configure SSH keys for various hosting providers are available in our Tutorials.