aThe client’s browser loads Codenvy site and makes a request. There are two basic types of client requests: regular (business logic) and meta
bThe request is recognized as a regular and load balancer (HAProxy) routes it accordingly
cRequest is recognized as meta, so Cloud Admin performs some special actions like tenant creating/removing
dWhile performing meta request Cloud Admin may change the configuration of HAProxy
eBusiness request is routed to the IDE Application dynamically deployed on one of the Application Servers
fWhile performing meta request Cloud Admin may use internal REST request to the Cloud Agent located on one of the Application Servers with IDE Application or create/remove AS according to scalability rules
gSome kinds of meta requests, such as Authentication, call Organization DB located on LDAP server and containing information about Users, Workspaces and other business entities
hIDE calls Organization DB
iIDE calls internal services - Builder (for Java apps)
jIDE calls internal services - Testers (Debuggers) (for Java apps)
kIDE uses a Distributed Storage (GlusterFS) via Virtual File System interface
lIDE calls external PaaSes/Storages and VCSes REST API
mStatistics storage retrieves logs from the applications for further analysis
nRequest to the Cloud Admin impacts service’s statistical information stored in Hadoop Cluster
oAdministrative client manages Cloud Admin
pManager requests Statistical storage for service metrics through a dedicated Administrative client
qIDE calls internal services - Code Assistants